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Luck, at the end of the Year of the Monkey, it is advisable to have a health checkup, and give more medicines to doctors or release animals to add blessings; pay attention to the positions of the five yellow disaster stars and the two disease stars in the fleeting year, and resolve them;

The year of Dingyou is the birth year of the rooster, that is, the so-called (pass year) or (evil year) is a kind of offending Tai Sui, but offending Tai Sui is a neutral word. It takes more than one year to change, but there is an old saying that when Tai Sui sits on the head, there will be disaster if there is no joy. If you can get married, have a baby, buy a house or start a business in the next year, you can fulfill the change trend. The impact of committing Tai Sui will be reduced. Beware of repeated fortunes, people who are not planning to get married experience divorce, may encounter bad circumstances at work or changes in management, and luck and family fortune will be affected. Therefore, don't be too aggressive in everything throughout the year, and you should be conservative and positive. to change.

In terms of auspicious stars, (Wenchang), (Suijia), (Jiangxin) and (Yutang) will be in the Year of the Rooster. Career and wealth luck. Wenchang is a star that is good for studying and taking exams. Even if you are a rooster in the workplace, you can refer to it for further study. Lay the foundation for future career; Suijia is the emperor's car in ancient times, which represents radiance and attracts people's attention. The heart represents leadership and unyielding. In addition, it is accompanied by golden and jade stars, which are good for work and ability. With the help, I believe that the rooster will be able to flex their muscles in the workplace this year and gain wealth.

However, in the year of the rooster, there are Taisui, Jianfeng, Fushi, and three punishments, all of which are inauspicious stars related to physical damage. In addition, the year of the rooster will face the unitary punishment. Outside the basic life year, the Taisui phase squares, whether it is emotional, Thoughts, it’s still possible, you need to be more careful, the sword’s edge is a disaster of blood and light, and you’re injured by metal; you need to increase your health care every year, and pay attention to your family members.

On the whole, although there are some changes in the career of chickens this year, there are still opportunities in general. It is recommended to think twice before acting, and get through smoothly. The fortune of wealth is slightly, but the year of birth is more variable, making decisions and changes, and the fortune is weaker. , those who belong to the rooster can have a check-up at the end of the year of the monkey, and start worshiping the Tai Sui in the year of the rooster, donate blood, wash teeth, travel more, contact, and wear dragon ornaments close to the body, which can strengthen the overall fortune.

Stepping into the year of birth, the wealth luck is repeated, and the rooster belongs to the unitary and unitary punishment, so even if there is a representative of the wealth luck, the jade hall is in charge, the wealth luck will fluctuate in a year. It is recommended that businessmen should handle accounts, and migrant workers should be conservative in financial management. Set the goal so as not to feel emotional. The year of the rooster is not bad for investment luck. Take a conservative wait-and-see attitude. Choose mid-to-long-term investment. Do not speculate and sell, otherwise you will lose your hand. You might as well take the time to analyze it first, and avoid copying what others say, and your personal strength will succeed instead. There is hope that there will be opportunities for cooperation in the year of Ding You, but there are superficial phenomena, which seem to be smooth on the surface.

Faced with the Jianfeng, Fushi, and Sanxing sounds in the year of birth, Rooster people should be mentally prepared to face emergencies, which may be driving collisions, medical expenses for injured family members, and if there are marriages, additions, property purchases, and entrepreneurship to rejoice, no The survivors kept emergency money, and donated doctors and medicines to change their fortunes.

There are many auspicious stars in the year of the rooster, including Wenchang, Suijia, and Jiang Xing. Rooster people are expected to show their strengths in their careers. Wenchang is good for exams. Migrant workers may wish to participate in more work-related courses and work hard to equip themselves. This star is quite civilized. You can get the support of nobles for reading and exams. You should seize the opportunity to express yourself. Suijia represents the emperor’s parade sedan chair in ancient times. General star represents leadership when going out to fight. The two stars are radiant. Roosters will definitely improve their work performance this year.

The year of the rooster is accompanied by the above auspicious stars, and there should be no disadvantages in career. However, affected by the year of birth, personal emotions fluctuate, and the relationship between man and machine changes. Twists and turns, work, resign, to avoid twists and turns, handle documents and contract details carefully in the New Year, and be energetic in everything.

In general, Rooster people can get help from noble people in their careers, but they should avoid verbal disputes and keep a low profile in everything. At the same time, Rooster people need to deal with pressure with a calm heart and make good arrangements for their careers in the future.

Rooster people enter the year when their zodiac signs are in opposition, the so-called critical year, and their relationship will be impacted. As the old saying goes, one happiness is worth three disasters. If you are in love, you can consider living together, getting married, and buying a property to celebrate happiness, even if you can’t make it in time for the Dingyou year To hold a happy event, you can come in advance to celebrate the happy event, otherwise the relationship will change, and there is a risk of breaking up if you have no plans to get married. In case your partner has been dating for a long time and broke up because of things, it is recommended to spend more time communicating and feeling.

The rooster belongs to the peach blossom luck attribute in the zodiac, and the rooster is expected to meet the person he likes in the new year, but when encountering peach blossoms in the year of birth, it is recommended that the rooster is too aggressive, spend more time to understand, wait until the relationship is fully invested, and at the same time, harvest a year If you come to Wenchang to drive, if you have the opportunity to study and meet someone you like, you might as well pay more attention.

Married rooster people strengthen external temptations, and pay attention to family conflicts caused by trivial matters. It is recommended to double everything, and you can adopt the method of getting together less and staying more, and keep a distance, but this distance must not develop indifference.

The rooster is affected by the year of birth, luck and family luck, abdominal problems, need to pay attention, plus Jianfeng three-star ruled, Jianfeng represents the disaster of sword light, metal damage, mechanical workers, pay attention, in addition If you drive at the age of 20, Rooster people may change cars. After changing cars, you should familiarize yourself with its performance before going on the road to avoid accidents. Rooster people who have exercise habits may suffer from bruises this year. It is recommended to avoid climbing mountains, rocks, etc. Skydiving and diving are dangerous activities, so as not to cause extreme joy to cause sorrow.

In addition, in the Year of Dingyou, stress causes changes in interest, which is insomnia. It is suggested that you should adjust your work and rest time, spend more time contacting, and yoga, Tai Chi exercise stress. To improve your health, you can have a comprehensive physical examination at the end of the Year of the Monkey. , blood donation, and teeth cleaning methods should be tested for disasters of blood and light. You can spend more time buying some skin care products to recuperate your body, donate medicine and administer medicines, and you will lose money because of it. Rooster people can wear dragons to clean up and improve by moving houses, decorating or replacing furniture. For home luck, you should also pay attention to the position of the sick star and not break ground, while touching the sick star.

1921, Xin You Year (97 years old)

The overall fortune is better than the year of the monkey, and the wealth is stable. It’s just personal mood swings. You might as well find friends to talk and relax. Be careful when attending friends’ gatherings to avoid disputes due to anger. The year of the rooster is fine, so pay attention. Throat organs and minor skin problems, it is recommended to replace personal items with organic products to reduce the chance of allergies. For the stomach and intestines of the Year of the Rooster, the diet should be based on raw and cold food, if possible, avoid it.

1933, the year of Kuiyou (85 years old)

Due to the opposition of celestial stems and fleeting years, the year of Kuiyou will suffer from heart, blood vessel, and blood pressure problems in the new year. Those with weak cardiovascular systems should be more vigilant. At the same time, they should beware of minor eye problems. In addition to vision loss, inflammation occurs. It is recommended to do regular body work Check, you can use a small amount of decoration, paint, and change bedding to improve your fortune. In the Year of the Rooster, you must learn to control your emotions. If you have bad things because of your temper, you can get through it smoothly as long as you adjust your body and mind.

1945, the year of Yiyou (age 73)

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Rooster 2017 fortune and fortune

Rooster Horoscope in 2017_Annual Fortune of Rooster in 2017

Although the elders in Yiyou year are over 70 years old, the year of the rooster is still courageous, able to learn, develop interests with like-minded friends, and belong to a happy year. However, for a year of social gatherings, you need to pay attention to weight control to avoid all kinds of problems caused by being overweight. There are many suggestions for diseases, and you should exercise to activate your muscles and bones. In terms of investment, you should avoid high-risk and high-return investments.

In terms of emotional fortune in 2017, people who belong to the rooster can get together and get married to resolve this year's birth year, so what is the emotional fortune of the rooster in 2017? Let's take a look together below.

People who belong to the rooster coincide with this year being the year when the seven-kill star enters the life, and the seven-kill star represents the boyfriend and husband of the girl. Therefore, women who belong to the rooster are lucky this year. If you have an ideal partner, this year is suitable for marriage. , which means that there is a change in love life, for example, a single person finds a partner, or a partner becomes single, a couple becomes a couple, or a couple becomes friends. If you want to maintain the status quo, you can relocate or travel far to resolve it. Many married friends who belong to the rooster will care about getting married in the year of the rooster in 2017? In 2017, the year of natal self-punishment, the year of self-punishment is entangled, if you get married this year, there will be many problems, but you can resolve the calamity of your natal year, such as choosing to get married or register this year, displaying wine, choosing an auspicious date for your wedding, and wearing a mascot of your natal year to resolve it.

Friends who belong to the rooster of the zodiac, enter 2017, the year of the rooster, and you will be punished yourself. This year is the year of birth, and it is called Fuyin in numerology.

In 2017, Dinghuo Keyou Golden Seven Kills is the year of the Seven Killing Stars. On the one hand, the Seven Killing Stars are: villain, pressure, right and wrong, disease; on the other hand, the lucky stars are: fame, power, husband, boyfriend , so you should pay attention to the above aspects this year. If you can grasp the opportunity, your career will be fully utilized throughout the year. Although pressure and responsibility, but pressure can be turned into power, or promotion, or fame. The following Qiushui will explain what to pay attention to in the zodiac year of the rooster in 2017 and how to solve various problems in wealth, career, relationship, and encounters.

This year, there are auspicious stars Tianyi nobles in the Guanlu Palace, and many nobles appear at work. If you have a capable boss, you will look at them differently or give them opportunities.

This year is the fate of the stars, and the stars are friends, colleagues, and peers, so this year there are many opportunities to meet friends and colleagues, expand the circle of life, career development, and help, even if you are a housewife, you can socialize and get a lot of life. However, this year is the year when villains have many years. If you offend others at work, you will fall short because of tricks behind the villain's back. Because of the negative emotions caused by Tai Sui, sometimes you will offend others and know it yourself. During the eighth month of the lunar calendar, it is advisable to minimize client entertainment and go out with more relatives and friends. Relatives and friends will understand that you have mood swings due to Tai Sui.

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What about 2017 when the rooster was born in 1933?

Rooster's complete fortune in 2017_【Astrology Cat Lucky】

In 2017, the year of fortune is the birth of seven kills, which represents wealth and more pay for more work: for example, working overtime, business people first gain fame and then profit, such as investing a lot of money in advertising in the early stage, and earning income in the later stage, so if you want to run a business, you will get Satisfaction in return.

Because this year is the year of birth, it is the division of wealth. If you gain a lot of wealth, or lose a lot, it is extreme, and in many cases, you will lose money because of your partners or competitors in the same industry. This year, do not cooperate with others to do business, even if it is a partnership. When investing, be careful and pay attention to the details of the clauses when signing the contract.

Every day after everyone is born is a countdown. Although everyone's fortune and life span are different, their dreams and efforts look the same. Let's summarize the life expectancy of the rooster in 1933 and the rooster in 1933. Let's take a look now!

Rooster life expectancy in 1933: Rooster people born in 1993 have few ups and downs in their lives due to their own numerology, and they are witty and cheerful. 33 rooster people have a smooth life fortune and live a happy life. Moreover, in the five elements, water is the main source of wealth, and 33 rooster people are water chickens, so Changshun wealth fortune makes 33 rooster people live a very happy life in their later years, and then give birth to a centenarian.

Rooster born in 1933: Rooster born in 1933 will be 87 years old in 2020 and 88 years old in imaginary age.

Detailed 2020 Horoscope for the Rooster: Rooster people will be affected by Tai Sui in 2020, which is a type of Tai Sui violation, and their fortunes will be sluggish. Most chicken people are money fans, and female friends will plan carefully. But this year, the money fortune will suffer a fatal blow, and the probability of bankruptcy and bankruptcy, so be careful. In addition, friends of the zodiac chicken like to care about every detail, and when encountering things, they go to a dead end. No matter what you face in 2020, you must be calm and easy, otherwise you will be in a bad mood for a long time, which will lead to physical problems. Friends of the zodiac chicken should not live this year, be yourself. It is recommended that the Chinese zodiac chicken invite a Lu Mihu Sui brocade box to put at home in 2020, which can resolve the bad news of breaking the Tai Sui, and protect the whole family's health and good luck.

Summary: As long as you can open your eyes and see the morning sun every day, you will be alone, every day now!

One fate, two luck, three Fengshui, four accumulation of Yin virtues and five readings, test your horoscope to determine your fortune, relationship and career:

Both men and women determine the marriage and give advice. Marry before marriage to grasp the good match, and after marriage, the love will remain as before.

Wealth is not a fixed number, and there are mysteries in seeking wealth. Analyze the fortune of wealth in fleeting years, and grasp the opportunity of wealth.

Calculate the horoscope of birth, analyze the five elements of life, explain the lack of preferences of the five elements in detail, and give suggestions for subsidies:

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