【Saturn Retrograde Time】Open 4 types of people who bear the brunt|12 constellations|Accept reality and face up to the present|

At 05:47 on June 5, 2022, Beijing time, Saturn will retrograde in Aquarius and will stay here until October 23. This will be the third time since Saturn entered Aquarius and retrograde for the first time in 2020 Retrograde in Aquarius, will be the last retrograde in Aquarius.

In the article Saturn enters Aquarius in 2020 (click here to read the article), we mentioned that within six years of the entire Saturn cycle, whether it is three years of Saturn in Capricorn or three years of Saturn in Aquarius, ideal transition to reality , to face reality, expose problems, and solve them. Therefore, during the last Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, we need to face up to the changes brought about by the environment, attitudes, and the gap between ideal and reality. We need to pay attention to everyone and society. Only by changing some situations can we welcome Saturn into Pisces, and avoid being too idealistic and facing setbacks in reality.

In astrology, Saturn is synonymous with restraint and rectification. It is in charge of power, responsibility, and morality. It will let us clarify the importance of rules, disciplines, and laws. Therefore, when Saturn enters the retrograde stage, it will be a stage that requires personnel, and even society and the environment to face up to and rectify. Each of us is a component of the social environment, which will bring about changes in the environment and affect everyone's life. Therefore, Saturn retrogrades for five months every year. During this period, it will be a stage that will affect and restrict the entire world, society, authority, and environment. Relatively speaking, we ordinary people will experience difficulties related to survival and life, and have to witness the pressure and setbacks related to the times and the environment, so everyone needs to adjust their mentality during this period, maintain a normal mind, learn to face and solve problems, and choose their own route Life.

As I said before, the end of 2017 will be the stage of exposing, experiencing, and facing problems. It is the stage of Saturn in Aquarius, which requires us to face up to and solve problems. However, this Saturn retrograde in Aquarius continues the influence of 2020 and 2021. , you need to pay attention to the problems that occurred during the period from May to July 2020 and May to October 2021, and there will be repetitions and repeating the same mistakes. Because Jupiter enters Aries, many events that were previously in a fantasy and ideal state will appear. On the realistic side, we are required to face the reality in a secular way, seek personal positioning and development, and see the nature of the world clearly, so as to help us abandon unrealistic ideas and avoid encountering problems during the Saturn Pisces period from 2023 to 2026.

Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius, because it reflects the power of Saturn's positive constellation, and when Saturn is in Capricornus, there will be many extroverted changes, requiring us to pay attention to our own needs, pay attention to the inner needs of personal rights, and fulfill the corresponding needs in society, the environment, and the family. Responsibilities and obligations, clarifying and realizing personal values, needs, and realistic perspectives, to pay attention to changes in the environment and the meaning of survival.

In recent years, some problems have persisted and been exposed, which are basically hidden dangers from the end of 2017 to 2020, and will be resolved from 2020 to 2023. During this Saturn retrograde in 2022, it will be the last retrograde in Aquarius. In this year, some things will intensify the situation, and we will feel the pressure from all sides. We must use attitudes, accept those who accept and change the facts, strive for everything, and consider the direction on the basis of clarifying the actual needs, so that we can bring life.

Saturn retrograde will bring us more life and environmental pressure related to survival, and will require us to pay attention to various issues related to reality, society, and the environment. In the next four months, Saturn in Aquarius will form a square with Uranus in Taurus, which will intensify related influence.

The external environment and society may face some changes and conflicts, and the environment, groups or jobs we rely on often bear the sense of crisis in the past. It is not optimistic. The scope of employment will be affected by relevant policies and may be reduced. Everyone must pay attention to material pressures and solve debts, loans, and credit-related problems in a timely manner. In terms of finances, we are prone to losses. No matter what kind of situation we encounter, we must maintain a stable mind, save in time, adjust the balance of income and expenditure, work hard and exercise restraint, so as to help us tide over the difficulties and gain a sense of security in many aspects.

It is recommended to refer to the rising sign of the sun, but one person has one fate, and the fortune article can only be used as a reference for problems that may occur within a certain range. What each person will encounter still requires a personal horoscope to analyze in detail.

For those born in 1991~1993 and 1961~1964, who have experienced the first Saturn return and the second Saturn return, and Saturn in Aquarius in their birth chart, they will face pressure and setbacks during this period , There will be changes around parents, marriage, and children, whether it is composition or life, this is the meaning that growth teaches us, and it needs to be every day.

Any star retrograde will bring double meanings, completely or, and any astrology will not directly bring pressure and change to people, but will act as a catalyst to deepen and expose the original problems. Feelings, some people can get what they want, and some people miss it. It is related to personal preparation and how to deal with problems, but if you live enough, it can relatively reduce the influence of astrology.

So, what do we need to do in the next four months and even in the whole year of 2022?

The end of 2017–2020 is the period to face the pressure directly. In Saturn in Capricornus, with the help of Saturn's negative power, it will discover and expose related problems, and emphasize the tendency of forbearance and waiting for a way out. When the end of 2020–2023 Saturn In the official Aquarius stage, with the help of the positive power of Saturn, it will bring more opportunities to face up to and solve problems, which means that many problems are inevitable.

If the past three years were to learn to accept reality, authority and pressure, learn and check and balance, then from 2020 to 2023, we need to pay attention to our inner thoughts, make targeted adjustments to the environment and life, and measure the existence of ideals and reality. Only by determining the direction can we help us solve the problem thoroughly and avoid pressure after 2023.

Jupiter is currently entering Aries, which symbolizes the beginning of the first year, which means that many problems have reached the stage that needs to be dealt with. The last time Jupiter entered Aries was from 2010 to 2011. We can review past events and guess the current problems and possible situations. , as far as Jupiter is in Pisces, Jupiter will take the initiative during the Aries period, which is conducive to solving various affairs during the Saturn-Aquarius period. The economy will face more development, and there will be a tendency for related industries to recover. After the retrograde, we may not be able to feel the relevant pressure in the short term, but we must be mentally prepared, because we may face shocks next.

After Jupiter starts to retrograde in July, it will inevitably affect the relevant change planning. Saturn retrograde will cause pressure to change in nature and suddenly explode in a way. Therefore, the period from July to October will be the focus of the whole year. It is a stage that everyone needs to pay close attention to. We must maintain If you have enough attitude, you should not only pay attention to the direction of personal resources, but also be wary of hasty, rational investment or cooperation intentions. Jupiter will retrograde back to Pisces in October, go direct in November, and then return to Aries in December. During these two months, we need to solve the hidden dangers left by Jupiter in Pisces. (Click here to view the article [Jupiter enters Aries])

Any star retrograde will bring introspection, while Saturn will bring frustration and pressure, and at the same time, it will give us the opportunity to work hard and transform into ourselves, so we must learn to accept reality and put it on ourselves. Since 2021, it has been foreshadowed and will directly affect 2023. Any stage experienced is a preview of the past and a foreshadowing period for the future. Therefore, you must be aware of everything and have double preparations for everything. , to get the future.

During this Saturn retrograde period, the scope of influence of the twelve constellations: (refer to the rising constellation of the sun, click to view your rising constellation >>>)

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn: Pay attention to the adjustment of personal status, pay attention to material pressure, and learn to accept the test of reality.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius: Pay attention to the emotional impact, make clear the social, family, and emotional responsibilities and obligations, and learn ways to relieve stress and avoid affecting individuals.

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces: Pay attention to the changes brought about by the environment, do your best in everything, and don't care about short-term pleasure, pay attention to material pressure, and have financial burdens in recent months.

Before understanding the impact analysis of Saturn retrograde, you need to know:

1. If you know the basics of astrology, you can make a transit astrolabe VS natal astrolabe to see which house of your natal Saturn will fall in this retrograde. Because of the degree of each person's rising sign, some people may find that the corresponding house of the sign does not match their actual situation. It is recommended to check the actual situation, but you can also refer to the corresponding house of the sign, which will have an impact. For example, the retrograde effect of Cancer rising Among them, Saturn is in the 8th house, but in some ascending Cancer charts, Saturn is still in the 7th or 9th house, so it is recommended to refer to the influence of the 8th house and the house it falls at the same time. Some people may follow their own sun horoscope, so it is recommended to refer to the rising sun horoscope at the same time.

2. If you have a little knowledge of astrology and know what zodiac sign you are, then go directly to the subtitles of the following horoscope articles. It is generally said that your zodiac sign is your sun sign, and your rising sign is your external appearance. The sun sign is of reference value. You can go to the homepage of Sina to make an astrolabe for your rising sign, and then read it under the subtitle. (Click to view your rising sign >>>)

, wild Jupiter is the galactic gambler, global nomad and eternal explorer. Rotation speed planets in the solar system! Jupiter missions push us out of the zone and into uncharted territory. Go beyond yourself and explore!

Saturn is retrograde in the 11th house (sun, rising Aries, click to view your rising sign >>>): Pay attention to the adjustment of interpersonal relationships.

Saturn in Aries is retrograde in the interpersonal palace, reminding you to pay attention to changes in interpersonal relationships, resources, circles and directions. In the next four months, you will measure your relationships and attitudes, considering who you can trust and who you need to keep at a distance. You will experience many realistic aspects of human affairs to measure your current life. Aries may be inclined to choose and direction, but you must be prepared for any possible situations in advance. There will be many opportunities for you at present. Opportunities are pressures, and at the same time there may be hidden risks. , so when you encounter affairs, do it yourself, don't trust anyone's promises, and learn to protect your personal rights and interests.

Saturn is retrograde in the 10th house (sun, rising Taurus, click to view your rising sign >>>): pay attention to future career planning.

Saturn in Taurus is retrograde in the career palace, reminding you to pay attention to changes in the career environment and pay attention to news in your industry and circle. In the next four months, you will face your career and life with a stable mind, and you will try to accept advice from elders and authority figures to deal with conflicting relationships. You may think about whether to change the environment or change careers because of too much burden, but you must pay attention to the limitations and advantages of the existing industry. Many things need to pay attention to other people's pointers to maintain your own helpful contacts. At the same time, you must adjust emotional problems and choose to reduce pressure path.

Saturn is retrograde in the 9th house (sun, rising Gemini, click to view your rising sign >>>): Improve your mentality and determine the direction of your efforts.

Saturn Gemini moves retrograde in the palace, reminding you to pay attention to your studies and changes in direction, and you need to pay attention to foreign and foreign related news to find your own opportunities and resources. In the next four months, Gemini will experience pressure from many aspects of reality, encounter conflicts between ideals and reality, and many things will be in a realistic way, requiring you to accept the test brought by reality. You need to pay attention to and maintain the relationship with seniors and authority figures, and hope to follow each other Get advice, or work together to learn, just pay attention to your helpful people, and adjust your state to fight for your own opportunities.

Saturn is retrograde in the 8th house (sun, rising Cancer, click to view your rising sign >>>): Deal with financial issues and avoid trusting others' promises.

Saturn in Cancer is retrograde in the Palace of Illness, reminding you to pay attention to cooperation, finance, and account-related matters, and you need to pay attention to the protection of assets, inheritance, and rights and interests. In the next four months, Cancer will experience a lot of pressure related to reality, whether it is cooperation, investment, personal rights or inheritance, encountering competition, or deliberately suppressing trends, facing debt and pressure of survival, you will value material security. Whether you are looking for a partner or a partner, you will pay attention to the ability of the other party and whether it can bring you enough trust, but many things can only be dealt with by yourself. You will open up your own world, and at the same time clarify the bottom line of personal principles.

Saturn is retrograde in the 7th house (sun, rising Leo, click to view your rising sign >>>): adjust relationships, pay attention to changes in emotions and cooperation.

Saturn in Pisces is retrograde in the house of fate, and the degree of influence will be a little bit. Whether it is career, relationship, or life, the source of the problem is emotion. Therefore, to fight against the negative interference caused by emotions, you should lower your expectations during this period. If you feel that, find some ways to vent your emotions or divert your attention. In addition, attention should be paid to financial management and risk control.

Tip: Hold on, make any decisions when the mood is low.

During Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, you need to deal with the mess you didn't care about before. For example, follow-up problems left over from messing up work or the end of a relationship; family members have some fruitless disputes, you may feel, you may feel a bit of a ghost, but as long as you believe, you can handle it properly.

Tip: Believe in yourself, people can get twice the result with half the effort.

During Saturn retrograde in Taurus, the social circle will be affected, and friends will become inexplicable because of some things, such as communicating with each other in their hearts, or out of anger. At the same time, pay attention to the relationship with colleagues. If you need to compete in the workplace , that generously competes, and encourages and affirms the opponent.

Tip: If there is a misunderstanding, it is necessary to explain it in time, and the importance of speaking cannot be ignored.

Saturn is retrograde in the 10th house of Gemini, and you feel a lot of pressure at ordinary times, and you need to take on multiple responsibilities in the workplace, but some people are good news, because multiple responsibilities mean multiple opportunities. In addition, if you want to change jobs, this is the best time to plan.

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Tip: Seek help in time if you feel strenuous.

Saturn in Virgo is facing the moment of transformation during the period of Saturn retrograde. At this time, it is necessary to seriously think about the goals and the establishment of cooperative relationships between people. For these goals, the attitude towards money has changed, and the use of resources and allocation of them can make career and life to a higher level. It is they who need to think about the problem.

Tip: Don't waste it, all resources are used to their full potential.

We you map all planetary retrogrades in 2022 so that you can use these planetary retrograde periods as transformation cycles.

A planet retrograde means that the Earth is in a position that is spinning backwards.

Like a speeding car or train, the planets appear to stop and move back – this retrograde cycle.

When the earth is completely in its orbit and its motion returns to normal, this planet is called prograde. You are sitting in a car, and when other vehicles pass it, you will feel that it is moving backwards, this feeling!

Each retrograde cycle has a "shadow period" – the retrograde motion of the retrograde planet is buffered and adjusted to the forward motion, and it appears to be close to stationary. As such, you may feel the retrograde cycle churning for days and weeks before it officially turns retrograde or returns to direct motion.

Messenger Mercury is the ruler of information, communication, and intellectual processes. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and orbits each zodiac three times. These cycles shape our cultural interests. From what we talk about to how we communicate, the sign Mercury occupies plays a role.

While these signals can be distressing, we have the opportunity to communicate deeply. People from the past may show up, such as old friends, relatives and attached exes.

In 2022, the three main stages of Mercury retrograde are good at expressing wind signs and grounding earth signs, requiring us to organize communication and pay more attention to the structure of our lives.

Venus is love, beauty and the planet, who do we fall in love with and how? Venus sets the global mood. Venus goes retrograde every 18 months, and this time in Capricorn, we bring up emotional issues. To wrap up, look back at the last month, which was a week ago, did anything happen to you emotionally? Love turning back? Examined the value of self-love view? what do you love

Mars will go retrograde in Gemini in October. Mars is the last personal inner planet – the closest planet to the Sun in front of Jupiter. This would explain its protective, combative stance. Mars is the celestial sentinel, preparing us to fight for what we value.

The red planet guides global temperament and fighting style. Mars goes retrograde every two years, locking it into one or two signs for seven months.

During this period, you may be busy like a spinning top. Please note that you need to use this energy on things with goals and directions, rather than just "spinning" blindly.

Jupiter will retrograde in Aries and then return to Pisces. During this period, Jupiter previews the theme of 2023.

, wild Jupiter is the galactic gambler, global nomad and eternal explorer. Rotation speed planets in the solar system! Jupiter missions push us out of the zone and into uncharted territory. Go beyond yourself and explore!

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Jupiter goes retrograde every year, napping in power mode for four months. Jupiter developments are certainly exciting, but can be exhausting! Stopping the retrograde can be a relief, Jupiter pushes a lot of changes in our efforts to achieve our goals, retrograde stops us a window period to integrate all the changes. Please use this time.

This time Saturn will be retrograde in Aquarius. This planet will reveal where we need to set boundaries, where our growth agenda is, and everything that fuels our growth.

As a moving outer planet, Saturn forms trends. The ringed planet goes retrograde for four and a half months every year. These retrogrades can stall progress and send you back to the blueprint stage, making sure your plan is built on a foundation and has a level of integrity.

Or a challenge, what do you think.

Uranus takes 84 years to cycle the zodiac, 7 years to visit each sign. Because of its span, it is considered to represent an era planet, shaping the mindset of a generation.

[NOWnews Today's News] Saturn began to retrograde on June 18. Since Saturn is a Vedic astrological karmic inauspicious planet, it will leave the earth when it retrogrades. Capricorns, Leos, and Cancers should pay attention, you can improve your own fortune by carrying lucky colors, plants, and gems, and spend the second half of 2023, a total of nearly 5 months of "Saturn Retrograde Time".

🟡Taurus (5/15-6/14) The career karma will explode in the second half of the year, and the accumulated pressure and disadvantages at work will break out repeatedly during this period. Pay attention to conflicts and right and wrong between shareholders, teams or friends, which will make you physically and mentally exhausted. Mistake!

Lucky colors: warm cream, goose yellow Lucky plants: yellow roses, perfume lilies Lucky gems: glass, emerald

🟡Capricorn (1/15-2/14) Explosion of money karma Financial difficulties are not a one-day cold, it is the previous accumulation of debts or investment bankruptcy gap, job changes in the second half of the year, it is advisable to be steady and steady, and do not over-speculate!

Lucky Colors: Black, Dark Green Lucky Plants: Flaxseed, Plantain Lucky Stones: Granite, Turquoise

🟡Leo (8/15-9/14) Emotional karma explodes in the second half of the year, and the ex or ex-lover will be ambiguous, separated and reunited, and cut off. This means that there is cause and effect between you, how to turn evil in the past life into good in the present life Yes!

Lucky Color: Golden Yellow Lucky Plants: Sunflower, Lemon Tree Lucky Gemstones: Ruby, Gold Jewelry

🟡Cancer (7/15-8/14) In the second half of the year when the karma broke out, the old disease relapsed or the chronic disease was entangled, and the physical and mental condition was not good! It is the stomach, digestive system or gallbladder. Women should pay attention to breasts, ovaries and reproductive system, and beware of emotional financial ruin!

Lucky Colors: Aqua Blue, Pearl White Lucky Plants: Lotus, Cucumber, Cucumber Lucky Gems: Pearls, Silver Jewelry

※【NOWnews Today's News】Reminder: Folk sayings are for reference only, excessive superstition.

After the Dragon Boat Festival, the weather has changed. On July 7th, "Small Heat" will be welcomed. Mr. Xiao Meng, a constellation expert, pointed out that there are 3 constellations in Xiaoshu that have super wealth luck, and they will be hot in summer. Let's see if you are on the list. Third place: Sagittarius business cooperation,

Life Center/Comprehensive Report Constellation expert Tang Qiyang analyzed the horoscope for the week of July 3rd and July 9th, pointing out that Mars will sprint in the final sprint, and the energy will be released, and those who are interested will do everything they can to attract attention. Beware of situations involving young people and children, and be careful to avoid danger or injury. Venus and Uranus are in a square, money values ​​are affected and subverted, and the banking system or price consumption may change.

Single is used as a negative derogatory term. Is being single a mistake? actually not. Tang Qiyang talked about the star room analysis of the top three single constellations of the 12 constellations. For them, being single is just a process of transformation for them. Being single makes them glamorous and capable of living a wonderful life. Other single 12 zodiac signs don’t want it, you can learn from these top three zodiac signs, live out yourself, and you will have the opportunity to meet your ideals!

Halfway through 2023, many people's fortunes in the first half of the year pushed them to face old problems and forced themselves to break through and change the runway, but they have been able to stabilize recently. Mr. Xiao Meng, an expert in astrology and numerology, mentioned that some people say they know how to deal with details If you can master it, then what can be done to change the fortune of the 12 constellations in the second half of the year, and what should pay attention to the corners of the brows, let's see.

The July fortune of the following 12 constellations (refer to the rising sun constellation): Aries Aries baby July is a good time to look for opportunities. Intuition, so to speak, for a month, direction develops. Whether it is work, love, or life planning, there are many ways to make your dreams come true. You may have access to achievements you missed in the past. You pass…

In a blink of an eye, half of 2023 is over, ready to welcome the warm summer, have you passed the first half of the year? There are many friends who forced themselves to break through and change the runway in the first half of the year, but recently they began to stabilize. , Constellation expert Mr. Xiaomeng sells the second half of 2023

Have things been going well for the past few months, and what are the blessings and misfortunes of the coming days? Tarot numerology teacher Eiffel shared that good things will happen to the 12 zodiac signs in the next month. Among them, friends who belong to the dragon can be said to be lucky, and all good luck will be arranged in the second half of the year, while those who belong to the tiger and pig should pay attention to the good luck in the past It will decrease instantly, and we must seize the month to overcome the next difficulty.

※Aquarius needs to pay attention to multi-partner cooperation in the second half of the year. When you are friends, colleagues or partners, you have too much ego or principles, and you can’t be willful in your marriage and emotions. Feelings are out of harmony or causing misunderstandings. . Notice how emotions affect all kinds of physical pain. ※Pisces should take care of family and friends in the second half of the year. These people will be…

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